For the first time in a long time, Bankview won’t be holding its annual Stampede breakfast. If you attended our AGM in April you heard Maureen, the longtime lead volunteer, talk about all the work involved and what made it so successful–volunteers. Unfortunately, Maureen decided to step down and no one has come forward to take her place, in time to pull it off. The Stampede breakfast took a lot of resources, financial and volunteer, as well as advance planning and the current board doesn’t have capacity to do it alone. Instead, we decided to host a Neighbour Day event and are directing our energy toward forming a robust Event Committee who can carry out our strategic plan priority of evaluating our annual events and making a recommendation to the Board of how to carry them on (or not). The Board is open to new ideas for events and wants to ensure they are sustainable and meet the needs of our residents. The next planned events are Paint in the Park and our Halloween celebrations: Carving with the Councillor and HallowAfter Lanterns.

If you love planning events, are organized and a mobilizer of the people, you may wish to join our Events Committee or come forward as our Volunteer Coordinator and help make great things happen in our community. Email with “Events Committee” or “Volunteer Coordinator” in the subject heading, with your interest.

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