The Bankview Community Association is seeking your help to volunteer some time for our casino fundraiser, taking place this year at Cowboys Casino (421 12th Avenue SW)! This fundraiser can raise over $70,000 for the community association, which has helped realize several projects in the past such as:

  • Renovations to the hall, including floors, the new kitchen, and the bathrooms
  • Upgrades like painting the interior and exterior of the hall
  • Funds the utilities for the hall

This year’s casino funds will contribute to a new roof for the hall, as well as mechanical system upgradesParticipating as a volunteer is easy, and anyone above the age of 18 can participate. It is a small investment of your time that can go a long way to supporting your community! In addition to getting to meet other community members who live in or near Bankview, you will also get a meal, snacks and drinks! The roles that volunteers will fill are:

  • General Manager:  Responsible for the overall continuity of the casino.  Ensures all volunteer staff arrives on time, and if not, has access to reliable “back-up” volunteer phone numbers.  Some data entry experience is required.  Can assume any volunteer positions for a short period (not a complete shift) of time if needed.
  • Banker:  In control of the cash and chip inventories.  This position is mostly data entry and should be staffed by someone who can operate a computer.
  • Cashier:  Redeems players’ chips for cash.  Little data entry required.
  • Chip Runner:  Delivers chips from the Banker to the game tables as required.  Will count chips with the gaming floor staff as required.  Data entry is required.
  • Countroom Staff:  Will sort and use money-counting machines to count money.  Some data entry required.

All volunteers will be asked to fill out a ‘Casino Worker Volunteer Form’ which will be sent to you between the time you sign up and the date of the casino. To sign up, please click the link to the signup genius website and choose a shift that fits your schedule!

You can also email the Bankview President directly to state the date, shift, and role you would like, but please review the available shifts on the signup genius before sending your request.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Bankview Community Association President, Nathan Berko, by sending an email to


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