By Matt Worona

For those of you that could not attend on Feb 25th, the Bankview Community Association walked the neighbourhood with Cllr. Woolley and highlighted the projects and improvements that have been brought to our attention by residents like you. Of course, because Bankview is overflowing with caring neighbours we could not showcase all of the ideas we’ve been working on but what follows is a selection of the stops that we chose to highlight along the walk.

  1. 14st Crosswalks + Road Diet
  2. Animating Abandoned Spaces
  3. Historical Street Signs – David Ave. and King Street
  4. Community Garden Expansion
  5. Paint the Pavement + Connect The Parks
  6. Missing Sidewalks
  7. 19th Ave Greenway

14 st. Crosswalks

The stretch of 14 st through Bankview is currently missing crosswalks. By that we mean, marked crossing are don’t exist at many of the cross streets between Bankview and Mount Royal. If you arrive at any of the streets without crosswalks you need to go on average 500 meters out of your way on average to cross the street. We are currently speaking with the City of Calgary about how this street can better serve Bankview and Mount Royal residents and add safety for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists alike.

Animating Abandoned Spaces

There is a vacant site at 14st and 24 ave. It has been vacant since 2012. Chad Peters approached the Community Association with a proposal to turn it into a gathering space while the developer sits on it. This site has a lot of opportunity to become community space while the developer sits on it waiting for the market to ripen. Bankview residents might be totally disinterested in city views, but it’s really quite nice up there with a remarkable vista. No development permits have been issued for this site. With some seating and some eye-catching landscaping, this could be a really impressive temporary open space.

Historical Street Signs Our treasurer Gail Simper has been talking about this idea for a while. When Bankview was first divided up between different members of the Nimmons Family the streets names weren’t all numbers. In fact the corner at 24 Ave. and 14a St. was formerly known as David Ave. and King Street. The Bankview Community Association along with residents are trying to bring some of those names back as historical street signs like you see in Cliff Bungalow as Cllr. Woolley mentioned on the walk. This project aims to highlight Bankview’s unique history and add character to the neighbourhood.

Community Garden Expansion The community garden is about to get a whole lot bigger this year. With plans for a big expansion, it’ll be all hands on deck once the snow melts. Included in the plans are a food forest, landscaping and more garden beds.

Paint the Pavement, Connect the Parks

Does anybody live on 14a street? Last summer at the Ladybug festival which is a great big street festival everyone came together to paint a mural on the asphalt. Paint the Pavement projects are going to start popping up in Calgary a lot more often. Essentially the idea is to paint a mural on the street.

The Bankview Community Association is actively looking for neighbours would like this kind of project to happen where they live and we intend to paint this blocked off street this summer at the very least. If you want to add some colour, vitality and a proven traffic-calming solution let us know.

Missing Sidewalks – We have been working with Cllr. Woolley’s office on for a few months now. Brian Sinclair a resident of Bankview spoke to us about a section of 21 Ave. without sidewalks on both sides of the street. The location is near transit and Bankview is a neighborhood where 13% of residents walk to work. Many of the sections of missing sidewalks cannot be fixed immediately but we also talked

19th Ave Greenway – Megan Mucignat, our amazing Development Committee Chair, pointed out that 19th Ave. has the most gradual hill in Bankview. This is a really nice climb for cyclists and provides an amazing connection through Bankview to the 20th St bikeway the City installed recently. If you’re interested in helping us understand how 19th Ave can serve Bankview’s residents better, let us know.

To get involved with any of these projects send an email to

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