A public hearing for planning and development matters, including the proposed Village project on 14A street, is to be held at the Council Chamber, Calgary Municipal Building, 800 Macleod Trail SE, on Monday, 2017 July 31, commencing at 9:30 a.m. The agenda can be viewed at the following link (page 9):
Instructions for residents wishing to make a submission to the Public Hearing:
[Reference: LOC2017-0135]
Persons wishing to submit a letter, public opinion poll or other communication  concerning these matters may do so provided they are printed, typewritten or legibly written and include the name of the writer, mailing address, electronic address (as applicable) and must focus on the application and it’s planning merits.  Submissions with defamatory content and/or offensive language will be filed by the City Clerk and not
printed in the Council Agenda or shared with Members of Council.  Only those submissions received by the City Clerk not later than 10:00 a.m., THURSDAY, 2017 July 20, shall be included in the Agenda of Council.  Late submissions will not be accepted in the City Clerk’s Office.  Submissions must be addressed to:
Office of the City Clerk, The City of Calgary, 700 Macleod Trail SE, P.O. Box 2100,
Postal Station “M”, Calgary, Alberta T2P 2M5.
Submissions may be hand delivered, mailed, faxed to 403-268-2362, or emailed to cityclerk@calgary.ca.
Submissions received by the published deadline will be included in the Council Agenda, and will only be used for City Council’s consideration of the issue before them. Any person who wishes to address Council on any matter mentioned herein may do so for a period of FIVE MINUTES. The five (5) minutes shall be exclusive of any time required to answer questions. Persons addressing Council shall limit their comments to the matter contained in the report and the recommendations being discussed. Contact the City Clerk at 403-268-5861 for further information.

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