Maternity leave was described to me as the longest days, but the shortest year. I can hardly believe that September signals the end of my leave and the start of Heidi’s Dad’s paternity leave. After seven years as the Education Manager at the National Music Centre, I will start a new job at the Calgary Public Library, designing services across the city branches. I am excited to take on a new role after seven years as the Education Manager at the National Music Centre and so September is a fresh start on many levels. As an educator, this month has always been the real New Year for me: the time where goals are made and plans take shape. I know for many Bankview residents back-to-school season means a lot of scheduling and planning. Activities and commitments are starting up again. After a short break in August, your Bankview board is also back around the table with renewed energy for the upcoming year. 

We are excited to put some new policies in place and complete some projects that have begun. As you are out capturing Pokeman, you may notice improved Wifi and Shaw hotspots outside the hall. On your dog walks, soon you will see new art in the off-leash dog park and lower Buckmaster courtesy of two Bankview artists, Chris and Vince. Volunteers are planning HallowAfter Lanterns and the Holiday Craft Bazaar and our bountiful community garden, thanks to all that July rain and more volunteerism, will be harvested. Your Development Committee is busily talking to neighbours and writing letters to council regarding new building projects across the community and the board Executive is working closely with community partners, including CPS, to improve Bankview’s safety and inclusivity. This fall we are seeking volunteer help in photography, graphic design, odd jobs/repair and at events. We also want to hear from you about your use of the community (particularly amenities like the hall, tennis courts, soccer field and basketball courts). Tell us what is working and what isn’t and let us know if you want to join us in our work:

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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