Hello neighbour!

Thank you for taking the time to read our new quarterly newsletter. We hope you will find this useful to understand what community association is doing, what is going on around the community, and we hope it inspires you to give us feedback or participate more in what is happening in your neighbourhood!

I would like to start off by thanking Bankview’s Past-President Kate Schutz for nominating your Treasurer Gail Simper for the City of Calgary Community Advocate award, which Gail then received on June 13th. Gail has been involved with the community association for over 20 years and never seeks the spotlight, but has always put the community’s interests first. Gail is amazing and if you see her, tell her “Gail, you’re amazing!”. Congrats Gail!! Thank-you for your service.

Now I’d like to talk about beer for a minute; mmmm beer.

The Community Association has recently started an initiative to engage with members of the community in different ways, and one of those initiatives is the monthly pub night. Our first pub night in May was a success, where we had approximately 30 people attend and enjoy a few beverages and games. The motivation is not to have a raging kegger, but rather provide a relaxed environment for neighbours to get to know one another and to talk about what is important to you. The Community Association is here to serve you and we need to hear from you.

On that point, if you are unable to attend the pub night, we would like to invite all of you to come visit one of our board meetings or any of our other committee meetings. The Events Committee meets every month and they are always looking for ideas and help to bring Bankview people together. The Development Committee meets every three weeks to discuss proposed residential developments and ensure they fit into our neighbourhood. This committee is of utmost importance as the look, fit and form of new houses, townhouses, condo buildings and commercial spaces should be shaped and influenced by the character of the community.

Speaking of character, as you know, Bankview is a diverse community, and by diverse, I mean every interpretation of the word imaginable. Speaking to people who have lived in the community for over a decade, it is clear that Bankview has become safer and more appealing to every demographic. I would like to encourage everyone to feel empowered to report crime to the Calgary Police Service. If the CPS knows of bikes being stolen, car prowling or break and enter even after the fact, they can quickly recognize a pattern or trend and identify the bad actors in our community. The CPS non-emergency phone number is 403-266-1234.

Looking ahead, the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Environmental Design completed a study on Bankview in early 2018 and the Development Committee will be choosing a number of initiatives to implement in the community. We will hold public meetings to get your thoughts and feedback, and will notify you of these through our communication channels (this newsletter, Facebook and twitter). I have to say, the study was an inspiration and we hope you will come to participate in the discussions.

In closing, I would like to encourage you to engage with the community association, even if you have something to complain about. Renters and owners alike should take pride in where they live. I look forward to meeting you or seeing you again at one of our regularly scheduled meetings or events.

Enjoy your summer

Nathan Berko


Bankview Community Association

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