With the diversity of culture in Bankview, the fall is a time of celebration for everyone! End of September festivities of Eid ul Adha lead right into the Islamic New Year, Muharram on October 3. The Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashana, Shabbat Shuva and Yom Kippur run October 3-12 and Canadian Thanksgiving falls on Monday, October 12 this year. The Hindu festival of light, Diwali, takes place worldwide on Saturday, October 29 and in Bankview, which date also marks our pumpkin-carving event with Councillor Evan Woolley. Everyone, including the kids, is invited down to the hall to pick out a pumpkin and meet Evan and exercise your creativity to carve a jack-o’-lantern. Take home your masterpiece for your your porch or balcony. You never know, you might find your creepy décor or masterfully carved pumpkin featured on the community Facebook page or Twitter feed!

Please remember that Bankview has a lot of young trick-or-treaters, many of whom are New Canadians and may be experiencing the holiday for the first time. Welcome kids and their families to your door for a few treats by making sure your sidewalks are shovelled (snow already?!) and your jack-o’-lantern candles and porch lights are burning bright. Condo and apartment dwellers may consider combining efforts and setting up their jack-o’-lanterns and bowls of candy in the lobby. Halloween is a unique holiday that brings neighbours together unlike any other.

Our month concludes with Bankview’s newest tradition, the HallowAfterLanterns parade in Buckmaster Park on November 1, the evening after Halloween. If you have never been, don’t miss it! Neighbours are invited to bring their jack-o’-lanterns down to the park where they will all be lit again for everyone to enjoy, along with a bonfire. Treats will be served, of course, and feel free to bring that pillowcase of candy to share with friends! Follow Facebook for details.

Looking forward to seeing you as we take our young daughter door-to-door for the first time (watch for a little lion). As always, we love to hear from you so please contact your volunteer board members through social media, email or our website (bankview.org). Tell us how you celebrate this fall!


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