Bankview has been selected to participate in the 2015 City of Calgary NeighbourWoods residential street tree-planting program!! The planting date for Bankview is August 29th 2015.

NeighbourWoods is a tree stewardship initiative developed by The City of Calgary Parks to engage citizen and community involvement in the replenishment, growth and preservation of Calgary’s urban forest.  NeighbourWoods aims to replenish and enhance the urban forest in addition to educating Calgarians about the value of trees and how to help our urban forests.  Trees are planted along boulevards and back of walks in the community.  Residents whose property falls into this category apply to be residential tree stewards.  Once accepted they pay a $30 registration fee per tree and receive a sponsored tree(s).

We are excited that Bankview has been chosen and look forward to partnering with the City of Calgary; however, all we need now is your help so Bankview can contribute to rebuilding (and the growing of) our urban forest. If you are one of the many Bankview residents who live in an apartment or a condo, and you would like to see a tree (or two) in front of  your home, we encourage you to pass this news along to the property manager and/or condo board at your place of residence. We hope to get as many Bankview residents as possible involved in this exciting initiative!

But we will need your help! We are seeking an individual (or a team of individuals) who are keen to help facilitate this task (to volunteer, email It is important that interested individuals do so by the end of March, otherwise Bankview will be removed from the list of participating communities.


How does NeighbourWoods work?


I. The City of Calgary will:

·         Provide trees to be planted.

·         Prepare a planting site for the trees.

·         Provide tree care information and a free 45-minute training session for the residential tree steward.

·         Help with the planting process.

·         Provide a treegator® watering bag for gradual water release.

·         Provide extended healthcare and maintenance (including pruning) to the trees.

·         Train, support and provide all education materials for the Lead Volunteer for the community

·         All new trees will be owned by The City and will be planted on City property.

II. The Bankview Community Association will:

·         Provide a Lead Volunteer that will help promote the program within the community.

·         Collect the $30 participation fee per tree.

III. Once you register you are responsible for:

·         Attending a 45-minute training session on how to properly plant and care for new trees

·         Paying a $30 participation fee per tree.

·         Picking up the tree from the event location on August 29th

·         Planting the tree(s) in the hole pre dug by the City of Calgary.

·         Watering and monitoring the tree(s) for pests and diseases.

·         Informing Parks, by contacting 311, of any issues or concerns – including pruning requests.

·         All new trees will be owned by The City and will be planted on City property.


NB: The planting date for Bankview is August 29th 2015.

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