I am a person that makes New Year’s resolutions, but only recently did I start keeping them! I discovered that I need to trick myself into making the resolution achievable.  Two years ago, I decided to become a morning person.  I found a gym within walking distance, signed up for their 6am classes and recruited a workout buddy who lives enroute. Today, we have two gym choices in Bankview: Union Athletica and Revive Fitness, we and have met some fellow early morning workout buddies who are also residents of our community. Last year I vowed to finish unfinished projects. For an artist like myself, this was a challenge, but I made it possible by cleaning my studio and putting all the unfinished work in visible places. I also haven’t allowed myself to buy new supplies “just in case”. This resolution has been so successful that I have rekindled my love for knitting and sewing, am drawing and painting regularly and am considering ways I can bring together the creative folks in our community through a regular event at the hall. Stay tuned!

Whatever your personal resolutions are, I hope they might include Bankview. The Board is gaining so much momentum with the implementation of new processes that have streamlined our work and helped focus our priorities. We were honored to give back to the community at the end of 2016 by making over $2000 in donations to the Food Bank, the Veterans Food Bank and in support of Bankview seniors in need. We have hired Matthew, our new Community Coordinator, who brings incredible ideas from his work with the City of Toronto and various non-profit groups. Initiatives, such as those made possible through the This Is My Neighbourhood program are nearly done and when the weather improves, you can expect to see more custom garbage bins painted by local artists and new lights in Buckmaster Park. We are beginning discussions for our AGM and are excited to share what we’ve accomplished and where we are headed. If you would like to be a part of the momentum in 2017, let us know!



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