Thank you to everyone who attended the Bankview Idea Fair.

Once each participant signed in we asked them to write on a sticky the answer to their question. What is one important thing you look for in a community?

They answered: harmony, fun events, quiet, real friendliness, home stays and varied accommodation, good bicycle access,walkable, walkability, pedestrian and cyclist connectivity, 19th Ave bicycle lane, walking distance to coffee, good access to transit, eyes on the street, liveable design, safe, animal friendly, foresight, ample parking, bury power lines, clean,clean, clean, clean, commercial important, community events, community events + community collaboration,  public art, little library,  safety, safety, community gardens, food store.

We talked about various projects and how to get them off the ground in Bankview.

Open Studio

Kate Schutz, outgoing Bankview President, presented her table about hosting an open studio night in the Bankview Community Hall. It would be one night a month where residents could bring their creative projects to the Bankview Community Hall to work on them in a shared space. It could be a vehicle for creative types to collaborate on different projects and for neighbours to get to know one another.

19th Ave Bike Route

19th Ave has been mentioned a few times as a potential bike corridor a various event we have run this year. It’s already a proposed bike route in the City of Calgary’s 2011 Bikeways Plan. A common route for commuter cyclists to utilize this route would be to connect from the 12 Ave Cycletrack, to 15st in Sunalta, into Bankview, then using 19th Ave to connect with the pre-existing 20st bike path. It’s also good to note that 19 Ave have the smallest continual incline and the most even grade of Bankview’s streets. Neighbours gathered together to figure out how this idea could be advanced to make it a reality. There was also talk of having bike repair cafes and bike sharing in the neighbourhood.

Concert Series

An idea was pitched to have a concert series in Bankview with local musicians. This idea have played itself out many times through the years. With concerts occurring at the Bankview Community Hall and the Fall Fair a few years back that happened in Buckmaster Park. The idea was to have organized concerts put on to invite community members out for a good time with music and dancing.

Little Free Library

Little free libraries have taken off in Calgary and with a few already in Bankview a group talked about strategies to have more of them in our neighbourhood and also how to do more with them. Other ideas were to have a toy-lending library and a little free pantry for those who needed household items.

Missing Sidewalks

Bankview has missing sidewalks many time on one side of the street only but sometimes even on both. As an inner-city neighbourhood Bankview is often asked to absorb a higher proportion of density than it’s suburban counterparts. As a result thing like complete sidewalk grids rapid transit service and high quality reinvestment in our public spaces are typically on the flipside of that coin. Brad Sinclair has been working to complete the sidewalk grid in his neck of the woods in Bankview for 15 years. He presented the sidewalk sections that were missing in Bankview and opened discussion on how we should advocate for this basic infrastructure.

In the time since the Idea Fair and with the help of Cllr. Woolley’s office, 4 of the most pressing sections were added to the 2017 construction schedule.

Higgy’s Bluff: A Temporary Park for Bankview

Chad Peters, Janet Turchak, and Maureen Hodgan, residents of Bankview, have a vision. There’s a lot at the corner of 14 St and 24 Ave it has sat empty for 4 years. It has some interesting stairway features from the homes that sat there before and a great view of Calgary’s skyline.

They presented their idea hot on the heels of gaining permission from the property owner to use the property temporarily to develop a gathering space on the land. They asked people to let them know what to install in that space.

Bankview Winter Rink

Mike Sander our Community Garden coordinator pitched the old and new idea of having a rink in Bankview. Many years ago this was the case with even a Bankview hockey team and change rooms in the Bankview Community Association basement.
If you are interested in learning more or getting connected to any of these projects, send an email to

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