Do your have a great idea that will help build community in Bankview? Then, we want to help you with an “I Love My Neighbourhood” grant!!

These grants provide any Bankview resident(s) with an excellent opportunity to make a difference in their community. All you need to do is come up with a community building idea: an art show, a cooking class, a community potluck, a class teaching something that residents might like to learn (budgeting, woodwork, economical cooking, basic painting or knitting or sewing or quilt making or gardening or…)

You get the idea.

Then develop a plan that is manageable. Decide how you will get people involved. Make a budget (that’s easy too, if you’re worried about it, we can help) and submit your request. If there is something missing or incomplete don’t be worried, we aren’t afraid to ask you questions too. Submitting an application is really just starting a conversation, we want to work with you and make your event successful.

Just so you know, we give money for things that are consumable, rental space or equipment, workshop supplies, advertising, etc. Sorry we do not cover things that are considered a capital cost such as purchasing a BBQ, but we would cover the cost of renting a BBQ for the day…

Again, you get the idea!

Feel free to e-mail us at for your application form, or just to ask us questions. We can call or e-mail you, whichever you like. We are currently accepting applications from February 1st to June 30th 2015.

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