Quarterly Newsletter

Welcome to the Bankview Community Association’s first Quarterly Newsletter. We plan on creating this each and every quarter going forward to engage the community with the on-going news and views from the local residents. The outstanding Community Association volunteers are working hard to take care of our community and bring events to residents. This newsletter will be an excellent voice to highlight all of their efforts.

Bankview Board of Directors

President: Nathan Berko

Vice-President: Sarah Duff

Treasurer: Gail Simper

Secretary: Cassandra Granata

Garden Committee Chair: Flavia DeMartino

Development Committee Chair: Vacant

Events Committee Chair: Vacant

Director: Kate Schutz

Community Coordinator
Nigel Lalande

Board Meetings

  • September 13
  • October 11
  • November 8

Development Committee

  • July 17
  • August 7
  • August 28
  • Septmeber 18
  • October 9
  • Ocotober 30

Events Committee Meetings

  • September 4
  • October 9
  • November 6

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President's Message

Hello neighbour!

Thank you for taking the time to read our new quarterly newsletter. We hope you will find this useful to understand what community association is doing, what is going on around the community, and we hope it inspires you to give us feedback or participate more in what is happening in your neighbourhood!

I would like to start off by thanking Bankview’s Past-President Kate Schutz for nominating your Treasurer Gail Simper for the City of Calgary Community Advocate award, which Gail then received on June 13th. Gail has been involved with the community association for over 20 years and never seeks the spotlight, but has always put the community’s interests first. Gail is amazing and if you see her, tell her “Gail, you’re amazing!”. Congrats Gail!! Thank-you for your service.

Now I’d like to talk about beer for a minute; mmmm beer.

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Buckyfest Music Festival – August 11

Pride Pub Night  – August 31


Community Garden Get Together – September 13

Harvest Pub Night – September 28

Little Free Library Launch – September


Pumpkin Carving with Wooley – October 27

Halloween Pub Night – October 26


Hallows After Lanterns In The Park – November 1

Football Pub Night – November 30


Holiday Craft Bazaar – December 8

Holiday Pub Night – December 28

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Community Advocate Award Winner

Gail Simper

Gail Simper is a long-time resident and volunteer for the Bankview Community Association. Recently she was recognized for her 20+ years of community service and her many accomplishments over that time.

Gail Receiving Award from Mayor Nenshi

Kate Schutz another long time community association volunteer took the initiative to write a nomination letter and with the help of others she has put together a comprehensive and touching piece.

“I am pleased to write this letter on behalf of several residents in the community of Bankview who wish to honour a long-time community advocate, volunteer and exceptional neighbour, Gail Simper. If there ever was an unsung hero, it is Gail. I know that awards of this calibre are often given to those who make the news, but I think that a woman that has volunteered quietly, diligently, and behind the scenes, for nearly twenty-five years, deserves to be celebrated for work that has transformed our community and positively impacted the lives of residents without them knowing who to thank.“

Kate Schutz
Bankview Community Association

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Development Committee

The Important Work Continues

The Development Committee is Inviting New Members to Join!

Bankview has a diverse built form including; historical character homes, modern infills, low to medium density apartment buildings and townhouses. This range of distinct buildings has moulded our community into one that welcomes people from all walks of life and it is something we are proud of. Development in Bankview is important to all residents because the buildings we construct today will be here for 50+ years impacting future generations. Therefore the Committee advocates on behalf of residents for thoughtful, smart, family oriented growth and densification in our community.

The primary role of the Development Committee is to review all new development permit applications for our neighbourhood. The committee meets every three weeks and on average there are 2-3 applications per meeting. Each member brings their unique skill set to the table and the pros and cons of each application are discussed and agreed on. Some of our team members do not have any development experience, however their unique perspective and skills are a welcome asset. Frequently, developers will appear before the committee to discuss their applications and receive recommendations. For each development permit circulated, a written report is sent to the City of Calgary File Manager and Councillor Evan Woolley’s office. Our recommendations and analysis are taken into account by the City and the developer before final approval is granted. Without this local oversight, many developments would be much different and frankly unsatisfactory for our community.

If you have an interest in helping define the future of Bankview or developing new skills then you are welcome to join. Even if you want to attend a meeting just to understand if this is of interest to you. We rely on residents to volunteer their time to ensure that new development respects our neighbourhood context while enhancing the community.

Community Garden

Where Neighbours Can Meet, Relax and Grow

Walking through Buckmaster Park, you will see our beautiful little gardens on the crest of the hill. These Bankview community plots are unique spaces and a communal endeavour where members of the garden treat this area like their own garden. The garden is divided into separate beds which are available for individuals and families from Bankview to rent. Gardeners are responsible for planting, weeding, managing and harvesting their own bed over the growing season. In fact, everything you see in the garden area has been hand-made or planted by volunteers who donate their time, skills and resources to make our community a better place!

Bankview community garden has key partnerships that are helping us expand and contribute to the community.. Village Brewery has donated hop plants that are now fully grown along the trellis near the greenhouse. These hops were harvested in late August, early September in along with other community gardens around the City to produce exceptionally great tasting beer with local Bankview flavour.This year Village Brewery wants to focus on making a beer that really showcases the flavor of the hops by making a New England Style Double India Pale Ale. Look out for Village beer at your local liquor store to get a chance to taste what’s growing just down the street.

Another partnership the Bankview Community Garden has cultivated is with Embrace Gardening. Embrace Gardening is an educational opportunity for Calgary’s inner-city community gardens, intended to expand the understanding and appreciation of gardening. Janet Melrose, founder of Embrace Gardening, specializing in garden consulting, coaching, education & horticultural therapy programs.  She travels to every community each month and provides gardening workshops that welcomes people with any level of experience to attend, from beginners to avid green thumbs. Her next workshop topics are:

  1. Water, water, water: It looks like we will have another hot summer ahead – make sure you water your gardens every other day. Add buckets of water all at once on one day rather than spreading it out and watering every day.
  2. Work on your Soil: Soil is the foundation of any good garden- take care of it. If you missed picking up some great free compost from the City of Calgary this year, there are always local garden stores that sell organic compost.
  3. Don’t crowd your Plants: We all like to over-seed our gardens but that won’t always produce healthy plants. Make sure you read the labels when you plant your seeds and follow the recommended spacing. However, if your seeds are a year old then chances are your seeds are probably only 75% viable.

Each growing season the Bankview Community Garden Committee hosts many events to bringing gardeners together to talk about this year’s season, and sharing some great gardening stories over a cold beer on a hot summer’s day. The Bankview Community Garden also encourages neighbours to get to know each other while sipping on their morning coffee watering their gardens together.

There are many ways to get to know this community just a little bit more. If you think this is something you want to get involved then please email

Flavia DeMartino

Garden Committee Chair

University of Calgary: Faculty of Environmental Design

During the 2017-2018 school year the Bankview Community Association was honoured to partner with the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Environmental Design. Masters level students are required to complete a Capstone project in which they analyze an existing neighbourhood and provide a report outlining how to improve the neighbourhood in meaningful ways.

Over a 12-week period from January through April 2018, there were ongoing discussions, meetings and community workshops hosted by the students. These were open to the public and the information gathered was used as research for their final projects. On April 14th, 2018 a final “Community Open House”  was held for the students to present their projects.

The final report titled “The Bankview Enhancement Guide – Seven Strategies for Strengthening Community Identity” has already proven to be an invaluable tool for mapping the future of Bankview.

For example the “Introduction to the Community of Bankview” is fascinating to read. Bankview is one of Calgary’s oldest neighbourhoods. In the 1880’s the land was purchased by Richard Nimmons for ranching and farming and was also the site of a sandstone quarry. The “Bankview Community Analysis” section  also gives more fascinating details of 2018 community demographics. p. 3. {NTD: will there be a link or should we summarize the Bankview Community Analysis??}

  1. A Comparative Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) Framework (1983)

Bankview’s ARP was placed in a comparative chart to the ARP framework of the neighbouring communities of Sunalta, Richmond and  South Calgary (Marda Loop). Excellent information!

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Nigel Lalande

Hello Bankviewers and welcome to the Bankview Community Association’s new and improved newsletter!

We are excited to roll out this new format and publishing schedule because it means the hardworking volunteers at the CA get to connect with our neighbours and show off their hard-work. We have made some changes to the previous paper-based monthly newsletter that residents are used to receiving in the hopes that we can give you more interesting and compelling information. Firstly, we have chosen to 

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Calgary Public Library

New Central Library Features You Can

See in Your Local Library!

Calgary Public Library is piloting new programs and services at libraries across the city, in anticipation of New Central Library’s November 1 opening. From an Early Learning Centre focused on full-body play to software for booking New Central Library’s 30+ meeting rooms, features at our newest building are being tested throughout our existing 20 libraries. Read more about these imaginative and innovative features — including furniture, a create space, and Library School — at

library (click on “news”).

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Kent Hehr

MP Calgary Centre

Investing in Calgary: Flood mitigation

If you lived in Calgary during the 2013 flood, you would remember the river flowing down city streets and the basements and belongings that were destroyed. You would also remember neighbours coming together to help one another.

Since 2016, under our federal Liberal government, Infrastructure Canada has invested $10.5 million in Calgary (and $63 million across Alberta) to help reduce the risk of future flooding.

How does this compare?

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Brian Malkinson

MLA Calgary Currie

There is a lot of exciting news to share this month and not much room. So here goes. To start the big news of the session – because of the leadership of Premier Notley and Alberta’s climate leadership plan – the Federal Government purchased the Transmountain Pipeline effectively providing a shield around the project, and protecting it from further political attacks and ensuring its construction. From the very beginning Premier Notley made it clear that good jobs for working people and meaningful climate action can – and must – go hand in hand.

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Evan Woolley

Councillor – Ward 8

Summer is here! I love Calgary at this time of year. It’s a great chance to get outside and connect with old friends, enjoy new restaurants and patios, float down the river or just enjoy all our great city has to offer in the warmer months.

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