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A new temporary park space for Bankview

24 Ave and 14 St SW

We intend to turn the empty lot on the NW corner into community space (pictured here)

The Bankview Community Association hopes that by animating the empty lot we can create a gathering place for the residents of the community and enhance the existing space to take advantage of the Calgary skyline view. The proposed temporary park is adjacent to nearby cafes and eateries in the community of Bankview.


Who owns the land?

A private landowner owns the land which is split into 4 parcels.

Do you have permission to use the land?

We have spoken to the landowner and we have permission to use the land. We have assured the owner that it be clear this project is a temporary use and that the Bankview Community Association would be taking over liability for the site while we occupy it as a temporary park.

Higgy’s Bluff is the best possible name for this, why did you choose it?

Just a block away at 14 St and 25 Ave SW there used to be a pharmacy called Higginbotham’s. This was a place where you could get a fountain pop and meet your neighbours. We are trying to create that gathering space here and Higginbotham’s was that kind of space long ago. We tried to marry the history of the past with our vision for the future of this site. Also, it’s a bluff!

How quickly do you think you can complete the project? When can I enjoy this wonderful space with my neighbours?

How long would it stay?

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