by Gail Simper, Treasurer

As of October 31, 2016, the community hall renovations are nearly complete. $200,000 in budgeted Casino funds were allocated to be spent on renovations to the Bankview Hall.

The substantial commitment of our casino volunteers and a diligent board of directors made this happen.

These are the hall renovations completed in 2014, 2015 and 2016:

  1. Bathrooms totally renovated and upgraded
  2. Complete upgrade of wiring and lighting
  3. New flooring
  4. Exterior painting including trim
  5. Mural – an “I Love My Neighborhood” grant, designed by Chris and Cam
  6. The main hall completely renovated including new storage cupboards and painting
  7. Energy efficient windows
  8. Complete kitchen renovation including appliances and accessories

What’s next on the agenda?…  New blinds, back deck upgrade, new vents, new art and pictures…

Recently the City of Calgary prepared a “Life Cycle” of the community hall to determine if there are any other areas which need to be replaced or repaired. We will share the results of this survey as soon as they are available.

Bankview community centre is planning an open house for the community to view our newly renovated hall. Watch for an announcement on our blog.

Bankview hall is a place for our community. We hope to see you soon. Congratulations again to all our volunteers who made this happen. Learn more about renting the hall here.

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