I Love my Neighbourhood Grants

Got a great idea? We’ll give you free money for it.

Small Grants of up to $600 are available in support of projects that make this neighbourhood an even better place to live and strengthen connections between Bankview residents.

The I Love My Neighbourhood grant funds projects that brings Bankview residents together and make this neighbourhood an even better place to live.

Apply Now! 2017 Bankview Small Grant Application

The I Love My Neighbourhood Small Grant program is intended to get people involved in their neighbourhood by provide the necessary resources to bring great ideas to life!

What do you need to know about the funds?

 Grants are available to Bankview residents for new ideas that benefit the neighbourhood.

 Applicants cannot make a personal profit from the grant.

 Funds are to be used for short-term program funding and are not meant for reoccurring projects.

 Grants cannot be given to an agency or business; agencies and business can provide fund matching.

 The Grants are not permitted to support events where liquor is served or consumed.

 Grants cannot be used for capital expenditures or to provide basic needs support.

Ideas that fit one or more Dimension of a Strong Neighbourhood are granted funding:

The ‘I Love My Neighbourhood’ Community Grant Program is offered by The City of Calgary (Calgary Neighbourhoods) with the support of Bankview community residents. The Bankview Community Association supports the grants but they are administered separately. Send all questions and completed applications to (BankviewSmallGrants@gmail.com).

Additionally, you can mail completed applications to:

I Love My Neighbourhood Grants

C/O Rita Dhungel

P.O. Box 2100, Station M #88

Calgary, AB

T2P 2M5

Apply Now! 2017 Bankview Small Grant Application

Grant Applications will be accepted until June 30.

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