Gail Simper is a long-time resident and volunteer for the Bankview Community Association. Recently she was recognized for her 20+ years of community service and her many accomplishments over that time.

Kate Schutz another long time community association volunteer took the initiative to write a nomination letter and with the help of others she has put together a comprehensive and touching piece.

“I am pleased to write this letter on behalf of several residents in the community of Bankview who wish to honour a long-time community advocate, volunteer and exceptional neighbour, Gail Simper. If there ever was an unsung hero, it is Gail. I know that awards of this calibre are often given to those who make the news, but I think that a woman that has volunteered quietly, diligently, and behind the scenes, for nearly twenty-five years, deserves to be celebrated for work that has transformed our community and positively impacted the lives of residents without them knowing who to thank.“

Kate Schutz
Bankview Community Association

For the full nomination letter please follow the link below:
Gail Simper Calgary Awards nomination

Gail was recognized at the City of Calgary awards ceremony and they have done an excellent background piece.


Gail then accepted her award from Mayor Nenshi and delivered a touching and meaningful acceptance speech.

Gail Simper’s

Acceptance Speech

Thank you Thank you so much. I am very humbled and honored.

I wish to pay a special thanks to those who nominated me for this prestigious award. I wish to thank my family for all their support, especially my husband Graham who so generously supported me and all the time required over the years.

To be able to give time as a volunteer is a special gift.  I am grateful to have had that time. This giving recognizes there is more to our lives than our paid work.  It means sometimes we must push ourselves, sometimes even when we may not feel like it. There is always more to do. As Calgarians, Albertans and Canadians we are givers…

I can honestly say my work for the Bankview Community has been very rewarding in so many ways.  

Thank you again for this honour.

Gail Simper
Bankview Community Association

Gail’s efforts and passion for the Bankview Community have been nothing short of remarkable. Whether it is Buckmaster Park, a recently renovated community centre or a functioning Board of Directors the residents of the community enjoy the fruits of her labour every day. Yet through the pomp and circumstance from the award Gail is often heard saying she doesn’t like the spotlight and prefers to work in the background. Gail your modesty, passion and pride are an inspiration to us all.

Thank-you Gail Simper!

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