HallowAfter Lanterns in the Park is an incredible event that we all love and without the Events Committee it would not happen. Maybe you would like to help with the 2018 edition of HallowAfter or you have a fresh idea that will engage the community. Whatever your motivation the Events Committee needs people to help with planning, set-up, advertising, taking pictures and everything in-between.

There are several volunteer opportunities available, however we are looking for someone to fill the Events Committee Chair position. Primarily you will lead the Bankview Events Committee in the planning and execution of events hosted (BCA). Additionally, you will be:

  • Chair of the monthly Events Committee meetings
  • Work with Events Committee members and community members to plan and execute events
  • Writing and securing grants to fund events
  • Curating an active list of community volunteers
  • Providing monthly updates of progress to the Board of Directors
  • Work closely with the Community Coordinator to plan, organize, and execute community events
  • Creating an annual budget and submitting it to the Executive Committee
  • Communicate responsibilities and ensure objectives are met
  • Strategic planning of annual Bankview events

This role requires no previous experience and can be an excellent way to develop your skills.

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