Volunteer Job Posting:

Development Committee Chair and Committee Members – Bankview CA

Development is integral to the Community Association and has great importance for the future of the residents. As a member of the committee you will be providing thoughtful solutions and recommendations to address development concerns, theses decisions need to made while balancing the goals of the developers and the priorities of residents.

What is the Development Committee?

You are defining the facade of the Bankview:

  • Promote Bankview’s unique architectural style
  • Liaise with city planners, residents, developers and property owners
  • Review of development applications
  • Suggestions and improvements to development applications
  • Following up on development permits
  • Presenting relevant information to the Board of Directors

The Chair is the head of the this committee and is responsible for delegation of duties and attending board meetings. Members of the Committee may fill various positions depending on their interests and availability of roles or join and be a member with no specific role.

Time Commitment: 4 – 8 hours monthly (depending on the role)

Assistant Director (AD)


  • Assist the Director in carrying out his/her duties. See Director role description.
  • Maintain a complete and current contact list of all Development Committee members.
  • Checking the City of Calgary website regularly for new development activity in the community
  • Checking the City of Calgary website for agenda items and matters pertaining to the community at Council Meetings and Public Hearings.



  • Recording and distribution of CA Development Committee business.
  • Recording the meeting minutes consisting of motions and recording votes.
  • Distribute meeting minutes
  • Provide notes as required to the Planning Coordinator(s) to assist in the drafting of response letters, and to the Community Engagement Coordinator to assist in the drafting of newsletter articles and other communications.
  • Maintain a log of applications reviewed, including key dates and position taken by CA Development Committee.
  • Maintain application files in an orderly manner and such that files can be found when reference is required.

Planning Coordinator (PC)


  • Drafting communications regarding the recommendations of the CA Development Committee for distribution to government, staff and applicants.
  • Assist the Director/ Assistant Director in carrying out his/her duties.
  • Providing copies of such correspondence to:
    • The Director for approval and signature
    • The Secretary for noting in the applications log, and filing
    • The Community Engagement Coordinator(s) for publishing (website, newsletter, etc.)

Community Engagement Coordinator (CEC)


Ensure that neighboring residents are included in the review and decision-making process

  • Advocate for the involvement of the broader community in planning and development issues and processes whenever possible.
  • Providing neighbours of developments and other affected parties advance notice of CA Development Committee meetings and agenda
  • Advocating for proper notification procedures by the City (i.e. notice posting)
  • Ensuring that the broader community receives periodic updates on the planning effort, issues, and successes (e.g. ensuring there is a regular planning information in the newsletter).
  • Collecting feedback and suggestions for the CA Development Committee from the broader community
  • Ensuring that comments and suggestions from community members and other citizens are heard and considered by the CA Development Committee

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