by Mike Sander

As the Bankview Community Gardeners work through the dark months to plan for 2017, we’re proud to look back and share everything we accomplished together in 2016. If you spent time in Upper Buckmaster Park last season, you probably saw these additions being worked on by our garden volunteers:

  • We took the first steps to creating a Food Forest by planting apple trees, raspberries and Saskatoon berry bushes. Over the next few years more low-maintenance food and medicine plants will be added to create a self-sustaining grove for all our neighbours to enjoy.
  • Our garden shed was donated and replaced with a beautiful new greenhouse, fully funded and hand-built by our gardeners and neighbours. This fine structure will be used to house our gardening tools and grow hothouse vegetables through the summer.
  • With the support of Village Brewery, we built a trellis and planted a hops bed at the north end of the garden. As this grows it will provide hops for delicious local beer and a shady spot to take a break and enjoy the park!

We’re always looking for people to join us – whether you like to plant a bed of your own, help add to the garden, or just get to know your neighbours better. Visit us at or send an email to

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