Community Coordinator Job Description: 8 Month Contract Position

The Community Coordinator will be responsible for coordinating, supporting and implementing the Strategic direction developed by the Board of Directors. They will report directly and be accountable to the annually nominated Board of Directors. This is a part-time, 8 month contract, and the individual will be responsible for overall management of the Bankview Community Association. The position will be 24 hours of work per week, and will include two set weekdays (office hours) with the remaining  hours flexible each week to be to meet facility needs, i.e. evenings, weekends, and/or work from home. The Community Coordinator is required to attend monthly Board meetings and occasionally other meetings as requested by the Board.

ƒMain areas of responsibility to include:  

  • Community Relations – strong interaction with the City of Calgary, community members, and the initiation of responses to community needs
  • Marketing – work with Board members to develop and implement a marketing plan to enhance the profile and effectiveness of the BCA
  • Organizational Development – strong oral and written communication skills essential while managing the staff of both facilities and service volunteers.
  • Administrative skills – necessary to handle routine administrative functions including strong computer and social media skills
  • Program and Services – develop new and evaluate existing programs, and apply for grants and funding to provide services and events that meet the needs of our residents

About Bankview and the Bankview Community Association:

The community of Bankview is located on traditional Blackfoot territory. In 1882, following the signing of Treaty 7 in 1877, William Nimmons purchased much of the land that today comprises Bankview from the Hudson’s Bay Company. In 1908, the remaining lands were purchased by the City of Calgary and the community took on its present grid form. Bankview extends from 14th Street in the east to 19th Street in the west, and stretches from 17th Ave in the north to 26th Avenue in the south.

BankviewLogo (1) copyThe Bankview Community Association was established in 1954, as part of the post-Second World War boom that saw the redevelopment and growth of many of Calgary’s inner city neighbourhoods. The primary focus of the Bankview Community Association from 1976 to 1982 was the Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) prepared for Bankview by the City. Today the volunteer-run Bankview Community Association strives to foster an atmosphere of inclusion and diversity, while representing the interests of the 5100 Calgarians who call Bankview home.  

Administrative Skills:

  • handling incoming correspondence, participate on committees (finance, personnel, newsletter etc.) as requested assist meeting preparations, support meeting progress, and provide follow-up
  • collaborate with the Casino Coordinator to ensure all volunteer commitments and financial reporting is completed
  • proactive verbal and monthly written communication with the Board, evaluation of programming initiatives, and support for community leaders
  • coordinate with Treasurer regarding financial requirements and reporting
  • submit a monthly report to and support the Board of Directors ensuring that coordinator duties are consistent with the Board directives

Community Relations:

  • proactively promote the Bankview Community Association’s mission, values and services with residents, neighbourhood businesses and affiliated community associations
  • develop a strong relationship with residents of Bankview, small businesses in the community, and the City of Calgary
  • be informed of any concerns regarding the broader community of Bankview and ensure appropriate measures are taken
  • research and recommend contracts for the various operations within the facilities
  • prepare various grant applications that will assist and/or enhance the strategic plan
  • liaise with City of Calgary Community and Neighbourhood Services


  • promote and market the facility for rentals
  • initiate and evaluate new business opportunities and follow-up as needed
  • maintain and update website and social media accounts
  • develop a creative approach to promote the community association
  • ensure marketing materials are maintained for the various events of the community

Organizational Development:

  • establish and maintain a records management system for all areas of the organization, including accounting, hall leases, rentals, etc.
  • recruit, research, and develop a volunteer management program
  • assist the Board in developing human resource policies and procedures
  • maintain strong organizational practices, including online rental schedule and calendar of events, in coordination with hall manager
  • establish a clear rental policy and strategy, that supports community events as well as promotes rental opportunities.
  • provide administrative support for volunteers, Board etc. (i.e. circulation of minutes, research costs, photocopying, mailing etc, attend Executive/Board Mtgs. and report on all aspects of the organization and community)

Programs and Services:

  • work with City of Calgary and community based organizations (CNS, FCC, community schools, etc. in developing programs, events, partnerships)
  • promote and market a variety of diverse programs and activities that meet the needs of the residents and customers of the community
  • research and apply for various grants to introduce new creative programs

Estimated Breakdown of Responsibilities:

  • Community Relations and Marketing – 40%
  • Organizational Development – 20%
  • Administration, Program Delivery, and Services – 40%


Additional Information for Applicants


  • post secondary education or equivalent experience in community programming
  • significant volunteer experience at similar organization
  • proven social media and website management experience
  • bondable

Application Package:

  • Cover Letter (one page) that addresses the applicant’s qualifications and vision for a community that is inclusive, active, and engaged.
  • Resume (no more than two pages)

Applications will be accepted until Friday, December 11, 2015. Submit complete applications as a single PDF to Only those candidates shortlisted for this position will be notified in mid-January, 2016.

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