Hello Bankviewers,

Welcome to the Bankview Community Association’s new and improved newsletter!

We are excited to roll out this new format and publishing schedule because it means the hardworking volunteers at the CA get to connect with our neighbours and show off their hard-work. We have made some changes to the previous paper-based monthly newsletter that residents are used to receiving in the hopes that we can give you more interesting and compelling information. Firstly, we have chosen to publish this on a quarterly schedule instead of monthly, simply because the volunteers will be able to write larger and more comprehensive articles. Secondly, we are changing the distribution channels from a paper version to an electronic version supplemented with limited print copies for people that prefer to feel the paper in their fingers. The paper newsletters will be strategically located thorough-out Bankview and we will let everyone know where they are via our social media channels. We also accept articles from all residents, so if you have something to share then please get in touch to figure out the details. We want this publication and the Community Association to accurately represent Bankview residents. The only way for this to happen is from greater participation by community residents that can represent all of the unique viewpoints in the community.

In fact, the Bankview Community Association is almost entirely run by volunteers from the community. These are regular people with families, jobs, etc. and they want to make their homes a better place by being a difference maker in the community. However, there are simply not enough people volunteering. This community has the potential to be one of the best neighbourhoods in Calgary, but it is going to take a lot of work to overcome the existing challenges. The Development Committee and the Board of Directors have done some exciting work recently that can change the face of Bankview. We are considering a complete street with bike lanes, a revamped community hub, enclosing the dog park, refurbishing the streets, traffic control measures, crime prevention, etc.. All of these incredible ideas will have positive impacts for all of us, but we need people to make this happen. If any of these ideas speak to your passion then please come out and volunteer your time to make your home a better place.

One passion project of mine is the Family Fun Group and I’m happy to say the third event happened on June 21st. We had approximately 18 families attend and we ate double the pizza budget! A good problem to have. It is a casual mix and mingle event that takes place at the Bankview Community Centre. We provide free pizza, toys, colouring, face-painting, plus the kids get a chance to burn off some steam before bed time. I also have more ideas, for example I would like to organize representatives from the local schools to attend our group and answer parents questions. Or maybe you have a good idea, I encourage all families regardless of your child’s age to participate in the family group and meet some like-minded people.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the tireless work that Gail Simper has done over the past 25 years for the Bankview Community. Without her commitment and drive the Community Association would not have survived throughout all of those years. Her legacy includes the Buckmaster Park we have today, Nimmons Park, a renovated community centre and many more projects. Without her this community would not be where it is today.

Enjoy the summer!

Nigel Lalande
Community Coordinator
Send Me an Email: coordinator@bankview.org

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