Co-Treasurer, what’s does that mean? 

Bankview’s current Treasurer is ready to move on to new and different things, however we are lucky she is willing to work with her successor to ease the transition. This means she will be working with the new Treasurer throughout the fiscal year and will be able guide and assist with the learning curve.

The Treasurer role maintains the financial side of the organization and is extremely important in every aspect. If you want to have a meaningful positive contribution to the community and you are a numbers person then this role is for you.

You will:

  • Facilitate projects and events in the community
  • Determine the best use of funds for the most benefit
  • As a member of the executive committee you will collaborate on key decisions
  • Consult with the hall manager on regular maintenance issues
  • Develop and execute on-going hall upgrades
  • Provide stability and knowledge for the Community Assocation

This role is a unique opportunity for someone that wants more experience in this field. Or for someone that has experience and wants to help their community.

Time Commitment: 6-10 hours monthly

If you are interested and want more information contact our Vice-President at

View the full job description 

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