Creating connections through meaningful conversations

Each year for a week in June, the City of Calgary turns its attention to celebrating older adults across the city and all that they bring to our community. On June 8, working with our City partners, the Bankview Community Association was proud to host its inaugural Seniors’ Week tea at the community hall.

Together with our Neighbourhood Partnership Coordinators and our Community Social Worker, Board Treasurer Gail Simper welcomed a diverse group of folks from across the community including residents from Bankview House and Villa Blanca. Over light refreshments and an endless pot of tea — along with a few cups of coffee — we talked about life in Bankview: what brought us to Bankview, what we love about living here, and what community means to us.

After lunch, Joy, our Community Social Worker led a great conversation about social inclusion and how to address neighbourhood worries from the perspective of older adults. Thanks to the generous and open sharing, together we talked about ways to foster community, combat isolation, and brainstormed programs the City of Calgary and the Bankview Community Association can work toward implementing to contribute toward a full and meaningful life in our community for all residents.

As a small but genuine token of our thanks, everyone left the tea with a bit of greenery to remind them of the vibrant — and growing — community we all share: a lovely plant, potted in a vintage tea cup.

A small token of our thanks: a lovely plant, potted in a vintage tea cup.

A small token of our thanks: a lovely plant, potted in a vintage tea cup.

Thank you to the wonderful people who took time out of their day to not only attend the tea, but engage and participate so enthusiastically. We’d also like to thank our amazing City of Calgary partners: Jenna and Pam, our Neighbourhood Partnership Coordinators generously provided all the refreshments and Joy, our Community Social Worker, along with some volunteer help from Nereyda, contributed the teacup planters for all our guests.

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