As an inner-city community, a big part of Bankview’s draw is the mix of the old and the new.  That makes the community planning and development a vital component of our community board.

The Bankview CA development committee contributes to the  direction, development, and evolution of the buildings and spaces in our the community. As a committee we are charged with being mindful of the community’s role in the overall development of Calgary, including relationships with other Ward 8 Communities and role of the Municipal Development Plan and Calgary Transportation Plan. Together we promote Bankview’s collective  interest and facilitate community dialogue and education on planning and development issues.

The development committee has four defined roles and is supported by up to six committee members without portfolio. The committee includes these roles:

  • Committee Chair
    • Sits on the Bankview CA board of directors as the committee’s representative and reports monthly on committee activities. Is also responsible for forming relationships with, and act as a liaison between, community residents, developers, property owners, and City planners. The position requires a working knowledge of the Land Use Bylaw (1P2007) and any relevant community plans. Each month the committee chair can expect to contribute approximately 10 hours of volunteer time.
  • Planning Coordinator
    • This role is responsible for drafting and distributing communications regarding the committee’s recommendations to government, staff, and applicants. They work closely to assist the Chair in carrying out their duties and may also be asked to act as chair at times. Like the committee chair, it is valuable if the position is a knowledgeable and experienced member of the development committee. The planning coordinator can expect to spend up to 10 hours of volunteer time on their duties each month.
  • Secretary
    • Record and distribute development committee meeting minutes.  The secretary can expect to contribute approximately six hours of volunteer time each month.
  • Community Engagement Coordinator
    • Works to ensure that neighbouring residents are included in the review and decision-making process, and advocate for the involvement of the broader community in planning and development issues and processes
  • Committee Members
    • Working with the rest of the committee, members plays a valuable role in providing advice, background information and community context; expressing community issues and concerns to the City of  Calgary and to applicants; advocate for planning activity in the community when required; and attracting desirable development to the community. Members can expect to spend approximately four hours a month on committee duties.

Together the committee supports the specific roles and involvement of community groups and individuals in planning and development issues and processes while furthering the goals of the Bankview residents – we aim to support meaningful development and community planning in our community.

And we need your help. Are you interested in the look and feel of our homes and businesses? Do you want to volunteer in a meaningful way that helps to build connections between Bankview, developers, and the City of Calgary? Will your background or interest in urban planning, architecture or real estate add value to reviewing development permits and land use amendment applications in Bankview? The development committee is looking for an interim committee chair and other members who are suited to and willing to volunteer eight to 10 hours a month.

With your time, talent, and energy the Bankview CA development committee will help manage the various planning-related roles and tasks specific to community-building. For more information, email

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