MLA Calgary Currie

There is a lot of exciting news to share this month and not much room. So here goes. To start the big news of the session – because of the leadership of Premier Notley and Alberta’s climate leadership plan – the Federal Government purchased the Transmountain Pipeline effectively providing a shield around the project, and protecting it from further political attacks and ensuring its construction. From the very beginning Premier Notley made it clear that good jobs for working people and meaningful climate action can – and must – go hand in hand.

But that is not all. A few weeks ago the spring legislative session concluded and we continued our promise to deliberate and pass legislation that makes Albertans’ lives better. These included Bill 5 – based on my Henson Trust consultations – that strengthens the financial security of those with disabilities, Bill 9 that protects choice for women’s health care (a bill that I was saddened that some political parties refused to debate and vote on), and Bill 7 which created a Local Food Council and applies the Canadian Organic Standard to organic foods produced and marketed in

Alberta to enhance consumer confidence and safety at grocery stores and farmers’ markets. I have also been busy here in Calgary Currie where I attended the Hellenic Community Muay Thai fundraiser, hosted the BBQ at Killarney-Glengarry Garage Sale, and joined several communities such as Shaganappi, Sunalta, Good Companions and St. Matthews Church plus Rutland Park Community for their Neighbour and Aboriginal Awareness Day on June 16. It was great to see so many friendly faces and well done community organizers! And July and August will provide even more opportunities to hear from you. I look forward to chatting with you at Stampede events at Bow Cliff, ARBI, and Closer to Home Community Services as well as my own Breakfast and Wiener Dog Rodeo on July 8 at the Rosscarrock Community Association. Breakfast starts at 9AM and the hounds will race at 10:30. There will also be live music and face painting for the kids. I look forward to seeing you there!

Stay cool.


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