As a community that has long valued and championed public art, the Bankview Community Art Review Committee, working together with the This is My Neighbourhood program through the City of Calgary, is excited to share this wonderful and unexpected opportunity for Bankview artists.

But the timelines are FAST. We are aiming to have artists selected by mid-July.  If you are — or if you know — an artist in Bankview, check out the details below and apply today!

The Bankview Community Art Review Committee in partnership with the City of Calgary is looking for five (5) Bankview artists to help beautify our two local parks.

Each of the five selected artists will transform a garbage bin in either Buckmaster Park or the Bankview Off-Leash Park. The artist can choose paint or vinyl-wrap for the art installation. Each artist will receive $850 in exchange for their art and labour.  Painting supplies or fabrication of vinyl wraps will be supplied by The City of Calgary (wrap supplier of artist’s choice).

Submission Deadline:
Please submit application package (listed below) to on or before July 12, 2016 at 4 p.m.  All artists must be approved by the City of Calgary and vetted through the Bankview Community Art Review Committee.

Submission Components:
If interested, please send

  1. A current CV;
  2. Letter of interest detailing:
    • Interest in the project;
    • Vision and potential approach for involving the community;
    • Availability over the projected timelines;
    • Description of past project work of a similar scope and budget; and
    • Please indicate if you would like to be considered for other Calgary public art painting projects.
  3. Images, no more than five (5), demonstrating related experience and ability to undertake this project.
    • Images should be identified with title, date, medium and location/context.
  4. Two (2) professional references with up-to-date contact information including email and phone number(s).

The artists should expect to produce artwork meeting the following criteria:

  • Local flora/fauna/animals
  • Local flavour/history


All successful artists must engage the community residents at an event planned by The Bankview Community Art Review Committee before the end of July 2016. Art installation must be complete by mid-September 2016. We thank all participants for their interest.


Please direct questions or requests for more information to Jenna at

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