As recalled by Gail Simper

In 2002 Graham and I realized there were no events in Bankview and a Stampede Breakfast would be a great asset.

For the first 2 years, the company I worked for, MI Swaco sponsored the chuck wagon where we cooked sausages and pancakes. We saw an increase of 50 to 100 residents partake in this event – progress!

The next year we decided to step it up. We rented grills, had games in the field for the children and a hay ride complete with horses. The attendance grew and grew!

In 2010 while on our annual BC vacation in the first week of July, Graham fell and broke his hip. We had already organized the breakfast and many volunteers stepped in to make it a successful event. But Graham and I decided it was time to pass the torch!

Maureen O’Neill and Mike Waite were delighted to now be the official organizers. Two years later the beer garden became an addition to the breakfast. Maureen had so much enthusiasm and brought about new ideas to our annual breakfast. With her wonderful spouse, Mike, they were an exciting couple.

After considerable thought, Maureen, Mike, Graham and I are now officially passing the torch.

We wish to thank all the wonderful friends and volunteers who have supported us. We have made so many wonderful friends in Bankview – quite frankly You are the Best!”

We are hoping someone will come along and take over this wonderful event. You don’t need any experience – just a creative mind and a little time! An event can be any idea you want – a family day, band night at the hall, movie night, Canada’s 150th Birthday, Calgary Heritage Week – the ideas are endless. Discuss these ideas with some friends and send them to or phone the office 403-244-2544 or call us at 403-245-2658.