‘bv20′ and an Update on ‘The Village’ Application – LOC2016-0135

After working with the applicant over a number of years, the Bankview Development Committee is pleased with the proposed development that will be going to council in November. The original submission was deemed to be inadequate by our committee and the developer went on to hire a new architecture firm (MoDA) that produced a much better design that was well-received by residents. Although this proposal requires a land re-designation, it will add five extra units but keep the same building footprint. With the innovative green-roof, this development will reach nearly 90% site landscaping and a design that has been getting national attention for its attractive design. Click here for the Globe and Mail article

Update on ‘The Village’ Application – LOC2016-0135

An application was submitted to rezone five parcels with four heritage homes on 19 Ave at 14A St SW to medium density- a proposed 78 unit apartment building. While public consultation was not mandated ,we felt that the developer, RNDSQR (the same developer as the bv20), should engage our community on a development of such a substantial size. Thank you to everyone who attended the session on September 21st! It was really evident how much the residents of Bankview care about this neighbourhood. RNDSQR has decided to take some additional action before advancing the application further and has contracted Civic Works, the planning firm that worked on the Kensington Legion, to consult on this project. 

The village

The application will move forward as Concurrent Submission meaning that the Land Use Re-designation and Development Permit will be submitted for approval at the same time. A traffic impact study is also to be completed. The developer has also committed to exploring voluntary developer-funded public realm investments. Examples of public realm investments can include upgrades to public spaces like the small park lot across the street from the site, fixtures such as lighting and benches, and upgraded street features like wider side walks. We expect to hear more about these changes in early 2017. More information about this development can be found on their website https://villagepublicengagement.wordpress.com and the project team can be reached at engage@civicworks.ca or 587-747-0317

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