Bankview Good Neighbour Awards

Bankview Community Association is proud to announce the first annual Bankview Good Neighbour Awards.

Nominate a Neighbour Today!

Who are Good Neighbours?

Good neighbours help to build connections between people and create a sense of community. Good Neighbours can be individuals of any age, couples, or families.

Good Neighbours might:

  • Say hello every morning
  • Stop by with extra baked goods
  • Shovel your walk in the winter
  • Cut your grass
  • Offer a helping hand when it was needed

The Bankview Community Association is hosting “The Bankview Good Neighbour Awards” to extend gratitude to neighbours who inspire and improve lives throughout their community through their small acts of kindness to those around them and through their efforts to make their community a better place.

The Bankview Good Neighbour Awards are an open call for Bankview residents to nominate a good neighbour whose actions create a vibrant and connected neighbourhood. It is important to recognize the simple acts of human kindness that occur between neighbours.

Why Nominate a Good Neighbour?

To simply say thank you, and encourage others to lend a helping hand in their neighbourhood. The award will feature dozens of stories that highlight what makes Bankview great: Its people.

How to Recognize Your Neighbour?

Submit your nomination today through this form.

Eligibility Criteria

The nominee lives in Bankview and does one of the following:

  • Contributes to a positive community spirit
  • Works to boost Bankview’s community well-being and the quality of life in the neighbourhood
  • Works to enhance the beauty or safety of our neighbourhood
  • Is simply a kind and helpful neighbour whose actions have impacted you personally

Award winners will receive a certificate of their incredible neighbourliness and a short write up in the Bankview Community Newsletter.

Nominate a Neighbour Today!


Capri Rasmussen & Jason Auch

I’d like to nominate Bankview’s neighbourhood vegans, Capri & Jason, for the best neighbour award. Bankview has SO many incredible neighbours, but Capri & Jason stand out for their random acts of kindness and constant generosity. Capri is always showing up on our doorstep with her famous baked goods fresh out of the oven. Jason is known as the neighbourhood ‘heavy lifter’ and is always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. When Capri & Jason found out that we were volunteering with a Syrian refugee family nearby they went out that night and bought the three children armloads of clothes, shoes, and school bags. Their generosity was so unexpected and all the items were so thoughtfully chosen. They started off as neighbours and have since become our friends. They are some of the kindest, sweetest, and most thoughtful people we know. Nominated by Melissa Hauzer

Kenya Weaver

She is always aware of events happening in Bankview and is a great leader at the Bankview Starbucks. This year she filled multiple boxes there to contribute to the Calgary Food Bank during the Christmas season. All around positive person to be around (even in the early morning hours before coffee has been made). Nominated by Ella Michel

Ghaiss (Rez) Hajj

I’m happy to nominate Ghaiss (Rez) for the good neighbour award, it’s an easy choice. Since arriving on our street about 5 years ago (?) he’s done so much to promote togetherness and community. Annually, he organizes a BBQ/social at his house and invites all the neighbours, serving food, hosting several local bands, and dealing with all the planning and cleanup. He has a vegetable garden that provides more than he and his family can eat, so he’s happy to share the extra. He also has offered up the use of his garage and tools to neighbours that would like to borrow them. Need a truck to move a sofa, take waste to the dump, or pick up something large that won’t fit in your car? He’ll lend you his truck, that I’ve only seen other people use, to get it done. Can’t say enough about how nice it is to have him living on our street! He really just wants our community to be a better place. Nominated by David Ronneberg

The Merriam-Webster Definition of a Good Neighbour is “marked by principles of friendship, cooperation, and noninterference in the internal affairs of another country And by such I nominate Rez- as he is the living definition of a good neighbour. He is welcoming, helpful, kind, generous and becomes your friend, regardless of who you are. When I first moved to Bankview, I didn’t know anyone, but I soon met Rez through a mutual friend. Suddenly, I wasn’t alone in this community anymore. He offered to take turns with our dog walks, invited me to his annual Mid Summer BBQ, when I was in the low and needed a place to crash, he offered up a room in his house and assist with moving. I never had to take him up on that last offer, but it was reassuring that I had a backup plan. At first, when you go to his BBQ, you might feel like you don’t belong, but soon enough, you realize all the (200+) attendees have been brought together by this wonderful individual- and we all share the same values. Within five-ten minutes, you are laughing and bonding with a fellow neighbour and enjoying the beat of local artists/bands. Who are his attendees? Neighbours and friends of Bankview; people from all walks of life! People who are genuinely kind and considerate. We all share a sense of friendship and are inspired to carry out the good deeds in our everyday walks. Yes, I nominate Rez for being a good neighbour, for being a good human. Period. Nominated by Nickii Dhaliwal

Lori Bergh

I am nominating my mother. I know it must seem like a conflict of interest, because hey she’s my mother and she has to be a good neighbor to me. I am not nominating her for what she does for me but what she does for her own neighbors. She once invited me over in the summer and I had the intention of cooking for just her and I. I love cooking for her. So on a nice warm summer night I had prepared a favorite of hers; Thai-inspired grilled shrimp served with grilled asparagus and a summer salad. After all the food was all done she realized this was way too much for both of us to eat. She proceeded to invite not one but two different neighbors over to eat said food and drink and be merry with us. After the meal my mother was away from the table and Tim (her neighbor) leaned to me and said “before your mom moved in here, none of us talked, she brought us all together”. This is one story of many on how I feel my mom has a sense of community and enjoys bringing strangers together to grow friendship and community. Nominated by Monroe Corbeil

Judy Lawrence and Richard Gregson

My neighbours, Judy and Richard are the best neighbours anyone could ask for. They always shovel part of my walk, invite me (often) to drink wine around their fire, and regale me with stories and laughter. We often share care of the animals in our lives. The best part of having them as neighbours is our front yards. We took down the fence separating our properties and over lots of wine, came up with a design that encompasses both yards. Now we proudly soak up compliments from many who pass by – by joining together, we multiplied the beauty and vastly increased our enjoyment in the care of our properties. I pray they never leave. Nominated by Sue Hutch

Kerry Bennett

Pork Mac hosted by Kerry Bennett

Kerry was one of the best neighbors a couple could ask for! She’s since moved into the apartment at the end of the block, so she has a lucky roommate now instead of neighbors over the fence. I have so many examples of how Kerry was a wonderful neighbor to me and other people on this street. One super hot summer day she bought everyone around here slurpees! I was pregnant, so I was extra grateful. She also brought over paella when I was 10 days past my due date and you know I wasn’t in the mood to cook (did I mention she’s a chef? It was amazing). We would generously share her gardening goods over the fence although we soon realized the futility of growing vegetables with such a voracious squirrel population. She really shone as a neighbourhood star (and frankly why I think she is deserving of this award) when she threw a BBQ last summer to raise money for Fort McMurray. What started as a casual BBQ quickly morphed into a full pig roast. She rallied her chef friends and restaurant connections to supply tons of food and beer and prizes. Dozens and dozens of neighbors and friends filled her back yard. We even opened the fences between ours and her other adjoining neighbor to accommodate all of the bodies! She was up for a full 24 hours tending to that pig and it was delicious. That little event raised nearly $5000 in one afternoon. It was touching how she managed to bring the neighbourhood together with no money and little resources. She has a huge heart and we’re so lucky to call have her as a community member. Nominated by Talicia Wagner

I would like to nominate Kerry Bennett for this award. It may have been a miracle that this lovely lady moved in next door to me. I moved to Calgary just a few years before we moved onto 16 Street, where I then had my first child. My new neighbour was on her deck and I was like Wilson from Home Improvement, peering over our fence. She invited me over for some drinks, not knowing me, and coincidentally it was my birthday. The dance party that happened on her deck that night was the first of many great nights. Kerry opened her life up to me and invited me over to her many dinner parties and had me come along to many events that she was a guest of. Not only has she involved me and introduced me to many of her her friends, but she has tended my garden, shoveled my walk, taken care of my kids (I now have 2), stayed up late decorating for my children’s parties, brought us back treats from her many trips, lent us her cooking gear, gave my gluten free friends bread products from her bakery (Care Bakery), and the list goes on. I could not have asked for a more amazing neighbour or friend. She is not only great to me and my family, but also to all of the neighbours around us, and all of her friends. One big event that I can recall to demonstrate this is when she hosted Pork Mac, a fundraiser for Fort McMurray after the fire. She had many of her restaurant and food contacts donate a full pig, pies, sides, kegs, oysters and more to collect money for Fort McMurray. There was live music, shirts made, and hundreds of people attended. We knocked pieces down out of the fence on both sides of her yard to have people spill into my yard and Kerry’s neighbour on the other side. She raised thousands of dollars to donate to the cause. Kerry has made a big impact on my life and on everybody she comes into contact with and if anybody deserves this award, it’s her. Nominated by Sabrina Pick.

Sean Carter

I’d like to nominate local business owner Sean Carter from Bike Bike. Recently I got a bike through a friend but it needed some TLC. I went to check the hours of operation for Bike Bike, the closet and best bike shop in the city, only to find out it was closed for a couple weeks so the owner, Sean, could take some vacation. When I tweeted the Bike Bike account asking if they knew the next best place to go get a $1.50 tire pump adapter, Sean offered to meet me at the shop and help me with what I needed that day. He opened the store just for me and showed me how to use the adapted and pumped up my tires. It should also be know that Sean and Bike Bike also get the credit for making the I Love Bankview stickers you may have seen. He graciously donated a big stack of them to the

It should also be know that Sean and Bike Bike also get the credit for making the I Love Bankview stickers you may have seen. He graciously donated a big stack of them to the the Bankview Community Association when I asked him about them. If having the gusto to open a small business isn’t enough, Sean is generous to the community and his patrons. We’re lucky to have him in our neighbourhood. Please keep on peddling, Sean! You make Bankview a better place!

Please keep on pedaling, Sean! You make Bankview a better place! Nominated by Megan Mucignat

Andree Roussel

Thank you for letting us know. We are nominating our neighbor, Andree, because she has been great to my family since we moved to Calgary from Germany in September. She always makes us treats – delicious spaghetti and homemade meat pies.  Andree is always there to lend a helping hand, and has continuously helped us with snow removal, taking care of our lovable Newfoundland dog, George, and his cat, Licksy. She has invited us for dinner and to events. Andree is a wonderful person and the best neighbor you could ask for. We are blessed having her next door to us! Nominated by Nicki and Sean Jackson

Fran Harvonen

I nominate Fran Harvonen. We reside at Bankview House – a residence for seniors. Fran is totally involved in doing and organizing events for the residents of Bankview House. She is Treasurer of the Social Committe and the executive arranges many dinners and functions where she plays a major role. She collects the bottles for refund from residents and the money goes into the Social Club account. She is friendly to everyone and especially new residents. The folks at CUPS have also recommended Fran. “Fran Harvonen is an enthusiastic volunteer at Bankview Place’s Resource Centre. She joins Thursday for Coffee Time, where she shares stories and good conversation. Fran also helped us expand our Bread Basket program. We receive donations from Cobs Bread, and now we share the extra bread with her building. Finally, Fran volunteers at special events at our building, including our recent Valentine’s Day Party.” I believe Fran is an exceptional candidate for the Good Neighbour award. Nominated by Billie Avery

Ruth Huber

Ruth’s neighborly kindness is extraordinary. Over the years she has helped countless people, in and outside of Bankview in multiple ways. She has taken people in need into her home; she has driven people with chronicle illness to their medical appointment — multiple times per week for months sometimes; she has advocated on people’s behalf so they get the social services supports that they need; she will pick up my mail when I’m away; she has offered to help me take things to the dump. I have never had a neighbor with such a big heart. I would love to see her get the recognition she deserves. Nominated by Virginia von Hahn

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