Cliff Kirchhoffs has a long history with Bankview and recently he has been rediscovering the community through the lens of his camera.

My name is Cliff Kirchhoff, and I was raised in Bankview; I attended kindergarten in the building that now serves as the community centre, went to Knob Hill when flares and bell-bottom jeans were common – and still have to be apologized for – and on hot summer days, went to Gordon’s Grocery on the corner of 21 Avenue & 15 Street for frozen ice cream, a location now taken up by a modern housing development.

But I remember the previous building, one that had oiled-wood floors and a tin ceiling, and along the back was a magazine rack.

It shaped me, and I am a professionally published and broadcast writer, an occasional actor and stuntman, and a photographer. 

Here I am, in Bankview again, and looking forward to working with the community as the artist that I’ve become.

Check out some of  Cliff’s photos showcasing how he sees Bankview! To see more of Cliff’s work, visit

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