I don’t know where the year went, but my term as President has come to an end. I am so proud of all the things that your volunteer community association has accomplished. The next board will be entering their year with a signed lease with the City, job descriptions and terms of reference for every position and committee and a new three-year Business Plan.

In working with the committees and board members to dream big for events and infrastructure upgrades over the next three years, the thing I heard the most was not about money or resources (thanks to our long time volunteer Treasurer, Gail, we have a very healthy bank account) it was: “if only we had more people, we could do so many great things!” I think there is a perception that to be on the board or volunteer on a committee you have to have loads of free time or executive-level business experience, but I am proof that neither is true. With a new baby, a f/t job and two other volunteer roles, I was easily able to be Bankviw’s President, thanks to the old adage of “many hands make light work.” So if you have concerns about our community, are frustrated by certain issues or have simply enjoyed an event and want more and better, why not affect change in a tangible way and consider volunteering with us?

This April 19, we will be electing three Executive positions (Secretary, Vice President and President) as well as a new Director of the Development Committee and looking to fill out our board’s general positions. The AGM on April 19 will have a very short formal section where we vote and address business matters, but the rest will be a mix and mingle format. Neighbours can learn all about what we have been up to and what we have planned by visiting stations and enjoying Our Daily Brett appetizers (thanks Our Daily Brett for your generosity!) along with a drink, or two!

So although I won’t be seeking a second term as President, I will stay on the CA, volunteering in a general director position to work on a new initiative I am hoping to launch in partnership with Rita, our Community Social Worker. It will be called Open Studio at Bankview. On a regular basis, residents are invited to drop into the hall with their creative project and work alongside like-minded neighbours, getting to know each other and being inspired by each other’s work. So whether you are a knitter, quilter, graphic designer, poet, scrap booker, rainbow loom enthusiast, sketcher, sculptor or woodworker, stay tuned for Open Studio and come make with us!

Thank you so much for your support of the Bankview CA and your support of me as the President. I look forward to watching the next CA continue our work and implement new ideas, continuing to make Bankview a friendly, safe and inclusive place to live.

All the best,



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