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Investing in Calgary: Flood mitigation

If you lived in Calgary during the 2013 flood, you would remember the river flowing down city streets and the basements and belongings that were destroyed. You would also remember neighbours coming together to help one another.

Since 2016, under our federal Liberal government, Infrastructure Canada has invested $10.5 million in Calgary (and $63 million across Alberta) to help reduce the risk of future flooding.

This includes a new pump station and upgrades to groundwater and stormwater infrastructure, leading to more effective watershed management.

The investments help mitigate the safety concerns and expensive damage that flooding can cause.

It’s a smart investment, and yet another example of how our federal government is investing in Calgary in a big way.

Further, once the Springbank reservoir proposal process has completed, we are committed to funding the federal share of that flood mitigation project as well.

How does this compare?

Under the Harper Conservatives, Infrastructure Canada invested zero dollars in flood mitigation in Calgary from 2006 to 2014. The figure for all of Alberta is $0 as well.

In fact, the previous federal government mostly ignored Calgary’s infrastructure overall. It’s one of the main reasons I decided to run in the federal election.

From flood mitigation to arts venues to the Green Line LRT, I’m proud of the huge infrastructure investments we’re making in Calgary. These are important projects that will benefit Calgarians for many years to come. 

Investing in Jobs: TMX Pipeline

The Trans Mountain Pipeline and the expansion project (the TMX) allows Alberta resources to get to new international markets, creates 15,000+ jobs and adds billions to our economy. Unlike all other pipeline projects approved over the past 12 years, TMX will carry western Canadian resources to tidewater, putting them in offshore export position to benefit from global prices—for the first time ever.

Construction ramped up in July for the TMX, with more work done between Edmonton and Jasper National Park. To ensure construction continued immediately, our government made a $4.5 billion dollar investment to purchase the TMX. The reason for the purchase was to guarantee this summer’s construction season for workers and to ensure the TMX is built to completion in a timely fashion.

This $4.5 billion acquisition is an asset that had a return on investment of 9.5% last year. A project of this magnitude and value will not be stymied by the unreasonable actions of one provincial government—threatening the livelihoods of thousands of people and damaging Canada’s reputation as a trustworthy place to invest. This purchase as short-term owners also asserts federal authority over the project.

We said we’d get it done, and here we are. I am proud to deliver this pipeline to Calgarians and to show how a strong Alberta is a strong Canada.

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Kent Hehr

Member of Parliament, Calgary Centre


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